Dress-making Journey

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Once you have decided to create your dream dress with us, we will go through
the following stages:

1. You will visit the Atelier where we will give you an introduction to our services. We will view the collection and fit trial. We will discuss the style you have in mind.

2. A design meeting where we will discuss ideas. We will present sketches and fabrics; take your measurements; and we will confirm on the style and propose pricing.

3. The mock-up fitting. You will try on the first mock-up dress as we review the overall look and proportions. We will make a final decision on fabric and design details.

4. Dress fittings. You will see the dress in the actual fabrics, custom made to your size. We will finalize trims and other handwork designs, and discuss styling or accessories to go with the overall look*.

*Please bring along a pair of shoes with the same height of your actual wedding shoes.

5. The final check. We will make final adjustments when needed, on fit and handwork details. After that, the dress is ready to be taken home!